Welcome to the Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

PTG President's Welcome

On behalf of St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic School’s PTG, I would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. The PTG's mission is to continue strengthening and supporting our school’s growth and to make it a thriving community for our kids to learn and grow to their full potential. 

Last year with the incredible success of our two main fundraisers, the Harvest Hoedown and Saints Gala, our school was able to complete the S.T.E.A.M Lab and school Library. In addition, 10% of the funds we raised went to the school’s tuition assistance fund. Our school is still growing and continues to rely on the PTG to raise funds for supplemental services, equipment and supplies. Your continued participation in fundraisers is important.

Families, teachers, and staff are the backbone of the strong, supportive community here at St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic School. Family Involvement is a long tradition and necessity at our school and in fact, one of our school’s greatest strengths. For those of you new to our school, we encourage you to get involved and volunteer. Your ideas, time and talents are needed, and your involvement is invaluable for our students. Whether your commitment is big or small, there is a place for you volunteer!

We hope to see you at our PTG meetings held on the second Tuesday of the month at noon in the middle school building. This is a wonderful platform to discuss the progress or challenges we are facing and to support our ongoing PTG activities. If you’re unable to attend our meetings, you can stay connected with all the latest information regarding these activities and events by signing up for the e-newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

We thank you in advanced for your continued support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our PTG officers with any questions, suggestions or to volunteer in any way that you can. We are looking forward to another great school year where we can continue making great strides that benefit our students and staff.


Bridget Ronnie

St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic School, PTG President

PTG Goals:

1) Sponsor fundraisers to subsidize extra curricular student activities

2) Promote Catholic family values at all our activities;

3) Foster further parent involvement within the school community in the form of various volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. 

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About the Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

The Parent Teacher Guild (PTG) consists of parents, teachers and staff that voluntarily come together once per month to plan and organize the school's activities and fundraisers. The primary purpose of all PTG-sponsored activities is to enhance the educational experience of all students at our school.  The PTG does not set school policy or entertain complaints about the school, but does direct all fundraising efforts that benefit the school.

St. Peter and St. Paul School is proud of its welcoming, Catholic-Christian community, which is supported and made possible by all of the school families and volunteers that continually give of their time and talent. If you are interested in learning more about the PTG or just have a general question, please e-mail our executive board. 

All our parents are members of the PTG and are welcomed to attend our monthly meetings.

View our PTG Minutes here.


PTG Executive Board Members

President, Bridget Ronnie

The President presides at all meetings at which he/she is present, exercises general supervision over the affairs and activities of the Board, plans meetings, prepares agenda, and appoints subcommittees as necessary for the conduct of Board business. The President directs Board members, keeps in close contact with the Principal, delegates responsibility and oversees special committees. The President provides general information to the Vice President/ Communications for publication in the Weekly Reminder emails and coordinates activity Call-Outs via the IRIS Alert System regarding PTG events. 

Vice President/Activities, Rosalie Julian

The Vice President/Activities maintains order and keeps meetings running in a timely fashion, and selects and reads the opening prayer at all PTG meetings. The Vice President/Activities will chair meetings in the absence of the President. If a vacancy occurs for the office of the President, the VP/Activities will assume his/her duties. VP/Activities will be responsible for overseeing the committee chairpersons planning various social events throughout the year and prepares the volunteer signup lists when necessary. Works with the Vice President/Fundraising organizing events.

Events include:

  • Back-to-School Night
  • Campus Clean-up Days
  • Trike-a-Thon/100 Mile Club Kickoff 
  • Harvest Hoedown
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Donuts with Dad
  • Muffins with Mom
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • End-of-the-Year Family Picnic

Vice President/Communications, Rossana Ammari

The Vice President/Communications is responsible for overseeing a committee of individuals whose responsibilities include:

  • Updating the school's website
  • Blog and Facebook page
  • Submitting announcements to the Parish Office for the Parish Bulletin and Parish Flocknote
  • Placing media announcements
  • Coordinating direct mail advertising
  • Managing overall communications with the school community at large 
  • Production & distribution of the Weekly Reminder Emails

Vice President/Fundraising,

The Vice President/Fundraising is responsible for overseeing committees for school fundraisers including but not limited to:

  • Bishop's Golf Tournament raffle ticket sales
  • Scholastic book fairs
  • Charitable fundraisers including:
  • AHA Kids Heart Challenge
  • LLS Pennies for Patients
  • And, other charitable fundraisers requiring the PTG’s assistance

Works with the Vice President/Activities organizing fundraising events.

Secretary, Katrina Mateo

The Secretary prepares and keeps the official minutes of all regular and special meetings. These minutes will be an accurate and official record of all business transacted. The Secretary is the custodian of all Board records. The Secretary distributes the PTG meeting minutes to the PTG President and Principal/Preschool Director promptly after all meetings, and, once approved, a places a copy of the minutes in the PTG binder in the school office. ThevPTG Minutes are available for school families to reference at their convenience. The Secretary also handles Board correspondence as directed by the President, including invitations, confirmations and thank you notes.

Treasurer, Julia Hernandez

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting of PTG monies, prepares deposits and a monthly Treasurer's Report for the PTG meetings. The Treasurer maintains PTG monies via the school computer.

Room Parent Coordinator, Erika Burns

The Room Parent Coordinator works closely with Room Parents.  His/her responsibilities will include:

-  Holds an introductory meeting for all Room Parents to explain duties and expectations; distributes an updated Room Parent Resource Guide which includes a job description and class communications list for their classroom families.

-  Holds monthly meetings for Room Parents and assists them throughout the school year.

-  Keeps updated class lists provided by the school administration and notifies the appropriate room parent of any changes within their class

-  Coordinates Room Parent-related activities including but not limited to:

  • Picture Day Helpers
  • Harvest Hoedown Classroom Activity/Booth
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Classroom Gala Basket Donations
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

-  And, at the end of the year collects and updates the contents of the Room Parents' Resource Guide

Room Parents


  • Room 5 - Katrina Mateo
  • Room 4 - Johnna Oso
  • Room 3 - Alyssa Rodriguez
  • Room 2 - Amanda Valdez


  • Kindergarten - Linda Almaguer
  • First Grade - April Silva
  • Second Grade - Isiah Green
  • Third Grade - Cris Navarro Cabero
  • Fourth/Fifth Grade - Leana Viramontes


  • Sixth Grade - Gloria McNicholas
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade - Jacqueline Gasca