St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic School (SPSP) is accredited through the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The accreditation process requires an examination of the school’s entire curricular program on an ongoing and systematic basis. We provide an educational environment that promotes academic excellence through a quality-focused curriculum. Curriculum and instruction are designed in accordance with the Diocesan curriculum guidelines, School-wide Learning Expectations, National and State Standards. The faculty and staff participate in professional development opportunities and training that keep them current on the latest teaching methodologies and implementation of these Standards.

Co-Curricular Subjects

Co-curricular classes further enrich our students' education and include Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.

Faith Formation & Sacraments

Parents, through word and example, are the primary faith educators of their children. The religious education program helps parents by teaching our rich Catholic heritage and provides a basis for faith formation.

This process is carried out not only by classroom discussion and teaching, but also through participation in prayer, special celebrations, weekly school mass, and service to others. In this way, are led to a closer relationship with God and the total Christian faith community.

Accelerated Reader (AR) and Accelerated Math (AM) Programs

The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a reading management program utilizing computer technology. This program provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice. Accelerated Reader helps students focus attention on the careful reading of books, which improves students’ critical-thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading. Using AR, teachers can continuously guide students to appropriate books and curriculum within their “zone of proximal development” (ZPD), i.e.: comfortable reading level. This means that students are challenged to develop their reading skills without being frustrated.

S.T.E.A.M. Lab, Technology & Blended Curriculum

Students are expected to work to the best of their abilities and their efforts are recognized and encouraged throughout the learning process. Teachers strive to develop and implement innovative and dynamic teaching strategies that enables an expansion in the students' learning experiences and thereby facilitating academic excellence. Blended curriculum content is grade level appropriate, yet enriching and challenging. At the same time, accommodations are made for students requiring extra help and motivation.

Academic Enrichment

 St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic School values the opportunities to expand on students’ learning outside of the classroom. We focus on interactive and project-focused activities that enhance a student’s experience and knowledge on a new concept. The activities listed below allow students at St. Peter & St. Paul to apply classroom based information to real-life experiences.

  • Assemblies (Preschool-8)
  • Field Trips (Preschool-8)
  • Student Council (Grades 4-8)
  • Yearbook (Grade 8)