Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

These Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) are the knowledge, skills, and spiritual values a student possesses upon 8th Grade Graduation.  St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic School students should be:

A.  Active Catholics who:

  • Understand the beliefs and traditions of our Catholic faith and make decisions based on Catholic values
  • Seek to make Jesus more known and more loved in the world around them, like our patron saints, Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Pray daily and participate in frequent reception of the sacraments
  • Serve others out of a love for God and neighbor

B.  Life Long Learners who:

  • Possess strong skills in all academic areas
  • Think critically, creatively, and are skilled problem solvers
  • Are well organized and self-managed
  • View information in light of God’s revealed truths

C.  Effective Communicators who:

  • Listen carefully to the thoughts and ideas of others
  • Read, write, and speak competently
  • Use age-appropriate technology to find and share information
  • Glorify God in dress, language, and actions

D.  Responsible Citizens who:

  • Appreciate the beauty of God’s creation 
  • Respect authority and the rights and diversity of others
  • Take responsibility for the effects of their actions
  • Show concern for local, national, and global issues